The tip

RELEASE DATE–August 20, 2001. Jill Morley was working as a stripper when she was motivated by the intriguing women she met to delve deeper into their lives and the reasons behind their dancing. The usual justifications–it pays incredibly well, flexible scheduling, any woman can do it–give way to insightful and heartbreaking analysis. The more she delves, the darker this world becomes. By concentrating on a small group of her co-workers, Morley examines how stripping affects their relationships, their sexuality and their identity. Due to their lifestyles, tragedy befalls two of the five women before the film is over. USA 2001 78 minutes color documentary English language Not Rated NOTE FROM DIRECTOR: I made this film when I knew nothing of filmmaking.  All I knew is that there were these incredible stories I wanted to capture in more than just words.  While the production quality is for shizzle, the stories are compelling, which is why the film did so well.  STRIPPED was my film school.

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