True Confessions of a Go-Go Girl


True Confessions is a melange of monologues, characters, music, dance and slides culled from Jill’s metamorphosis from tomboy to top ranked bikini dancer. Jill likens it to stepping through the looking glass–only her Wonderland consists of seedy go-go bars off the Jersey Turnpike.

Several other characters make cameos, such a s Jill’s gay male roommate who puts her ‘in touch with her femininity” and the bouncer that teaches her how to “hump air.” Through it all, Jill ponders the rewards and dangers of the go-go business.

In True Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, Jill brings a host of characters to life: Edna, a Colombian women who defies club policy by flashing her breast for bigger tips; Hayley, a biker chick who ‘Pudding Wrestles’ and gets off on harassing her patron; Donna, a 45 year-old Midwesterner who enjoys the sensuality of her job; and Nina, a high class stripper with implants paid for by her club owning boyfriend.

True Confessions of a Go-Go Girl was published in

Women Playwrights: The Best Plays of 1998 by Smith and Kraus.

If you are interested in a manuscript or producing the play, please email Jill.

“Clearly a good actress and a skilled writer…True Confessions is well done.”
— Anita Gates, New York Times

“…evocative, fully realized, wickedly funny and painfully honest.”
Sam Whitehead, Time Out New York

“Morley strips herself, her fellow dancers, and their patrons barer than in any go-go bar.”
— David Sheward, Backstage

“Acute…poignant…leaving us raw and hungry.”
— Thom Garvey,The Village Voice

“Funny…she reveals as much of her soul as she does her skin.”
— Dennis Brabhan , Shout Magazine

“…conspicuously devoid of cliches and manipulative emotion, Morley’s portrayal of her life as a go go dancer was inspirational to the large crowd. Not to just women, not to just men, but to the entire breathless audience, captivated by her story of femininity and power, masculinity and sex.”– Cedar Carlton, The Washington Square News (New York University’s Daily student newspaper)