Village Voice January 15th, 1997 Voice Choices


by Thom Garvey

In a True Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, a Jill Morley shows us four ways she can wiggle her ass to earn dollars at four different speeds. Then she shows us the go-go world as it exists both in reality Рfrom Jersey dives to sports bars Рand in her mind as she grows up within it. Morley portrays the pain and power of earning a living exposing her most vulnerable parts as that clashes against feminism, boyfriends, and her own boho lifestyle. Sharply written and lovingly performed, Morley shifts between her own voice and other strippers̢, blending the acutely observed with poignant empathy. She exploits the ripe potential of her audience by sending go-go girls to grind in our faces, leaving us as raw and hungry as any consumers of an empty image.